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2015 Weihnachtsfeier Food List

This year’s Weihnachtsfeier will be held on Saturday, the 19th of December in the auditorium at the Rippowam Middle School. There will be a buffet in the cafeteria following the performance. Every family is asked to donate to the buffet for each enrolled student according to the following outline of contributions.

Please bring German, Swiss, Austrian or family specialties when you can for this celebration.

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Class Teacher Contribution
Flummis Mir Fachrai Desserts
Preschool 1 Grodman Fruit / Salad
Preschool 1 Giacone Fruit / Salad
Preschool F/M Gyamfi Side Dish
Preschool F/M Famighetti Side Dish
Kindergarten Warlitz Drinks
Lesen/Schreiben F Richards Appetizer
Elementary II F Callahan Dessert
German 1A Tunaru Main Dish
German 1R Crincoli Main Dish
German 2 Unfried Drinks
German 3 Wilkinson Vegetables/ Salad
German 4 Wolfinger Side Dish
Continuing German Panzer Main Dish
M 1-2 Rülle Dessert
M 1-2 Hamburger Drinks
M 3-4 Diekmann Main Dish
M 3-4 Ehrlinspiel Main Dish
M 5-6 Fechter Side Dish
M 5-6 Wrumnig Appetizer
Kollegstufe I Reuther-Roché Main Dish
Kollegstufe II Ritter Appetizer
Adult Beginer I Kibel Drinks
Adult Beginer II Kibel Desserts
Adult Intermediate Wagner Vegetables/ Salad
Adult Advanced DellaCamera Main Dish

A special thanks to all the parents who tirelessly support the school with their countless contributions to enhance the cultural life and studies of all GSC students.