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2018 German-language Summer Camps

This is a listing of German-language summer camps for 2018. Unless noted there's no affiliation with the German School of Connecticut. This information is provided for informational purposes only.

(ages 9 - 21)
The Goethe-Institut offers a number of different 2- and 3-week language camps for children, teens and young adults between the ages of 9 and 21. These camps are held throughout the summer at varying locations in Germany and Austria. Some include additional structured activities like soccer.
Click here for more information
Concordia Language Villages
(all ages)
From pre-K enrichment, day camps and sleepaway camps to programs the entire family can enjoy together, we bring language to life for young learners ages 2 to 18 and family members of all ages.
Soccer Camps in the US To co-incide with the 2018 World Cup, the Goethe-Institut Chicago will be holding 3-day soccer camps for students at four locations in the United States. Two youth coaches from Germany will be running the camps in German. In the accompanying German lessons, participants will be prepared for training in a playful way. As of March 23, dates and locations are not finalized yet. Click here for more information.
AATG German Summer Study Program (ages 14 -18) The German Summer Study Program for High School Students provides a three-week homestay and school experience. Students attend classes at a Gymnasium, live with the family of a host brother or sister who attends the school, visit regional attractions, and experience the German language and culture firsthand. More information is available here.
GLS (German Language School) Berlin
(ages 7 - 17)
The GLS offers a variety of youth summer programs for different age groups in both Berlin and Munich. Programs are differently themed and for different age groups, including water sports, adventure and a "Munich Castle" camp. Dates are flexible. See here for more information..