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Dear students, parents, teachers, alumni and friends of the GSC,

Registration for the GSC 2021/2022 is now OPEN. In Person classes for Fall 21 and Spring 22!

Please remember to sign up before June 30th, 2021 to get a $50 discount for the semester or a $100 discount when you register for the full year.

Click here to register.


We will also be offering the Summer Connect program once again by popular demand. 
Summer Connect is a online program (some exceptions for smaller kids)

For more information on classes and dates please click HERE. 


Best regards,

Arnold Mischkulnig

Registrar Stamford

Dear GSC Students, Parents and Community,

Stamford/West Hartford, January 21st, 2021:

Welcome to 2021.  This Saturday will be our last day of the fall semester. Please register for the spring semester if you have not done as it will help us organize your and your child(rens) classes.

This Saturday at 12:00 pm, we invite all of our Members to attend the Annual Members Meeting. If you cannot attend online via BlueJeans, please email in your proxy.  Detailed information has been communicated through our teachers and registrars.

We have planned a special treat for our youngest students,.   Ms. Barbara from the German Speaking Galli Theater of New York will host a theater workshop including movement and story time. She is planning to present Snow White “Schneewittchen” to our students.

Standardized tests are in full swing. This week and last, classes have been participating in the AATG Level 2, 3 and 4 at our campuses in West Hartford and Stamford. We are happy to report that most of testing has gone smoothly despite the new online format.  We want to wish all students that are schedule to take the AATGs over the next two Saturday best of success.

Keep your fingers crossed for our DSD 2 Candidates who are taking the oral part of this extremely challenging test this Saturday in White Plains. They have been working for months preparing for both written and oral. The written part of the exam was given in December, and the oral exam.

Despite all the time consuming challenges of online teaching, our teachers have been making time to further their own education by participating in the GLSC sponsored education series focusing on best practice and innovate teaching ideas related to online teaching. They are truly committed to their students and the teaching of the German language and culture.  

 Warmest regards,

The Administration of GSC

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Dear students, parents, teachers, alumni and friends of the GSC,

Registration for the spring semester 2021 is still open!

Registering early helps the German School of Connecticut plan our teachers, classrooms, resources for the fall and ensures the continuation of our GSC Community.

Thank you in advance for your continued support and trust in our school!.

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PS- Donations are kindly appreciated and help the GSC to provide an excellent service to our GSC Community.

If you would like to donate please click here and know that your donation has an immediate benefit for the school.

Best regards,

Arnold Mischkulnig

Registrar Stamford
Mary Kohncke

Registrar West Hartford

Click here to register now!

Dear German School of Connecticut Community,

The GSC board of directors, taking under consideration recommendations from students, parents, teachers and administration, has decided that online teaching is the best way to keep everybody safe.

Since GSC is renting its facilities this leads to insufficient control over the safety of the two campuses. Furthermore, our students come from many different schools within a 1-hour driving radius elevating our risk of exposure to the Covid-19 virus. That said, we will constantly evaluate the situation, and adjust based on the development during the fall semester, and hopefully we will be back inside our regular classrooms no later than by the beginning of 2021.

We will be planning for different learning experience based on the age range of our students.

Our youngest students in classes up to age 6, will meet in online micro-groups of up to 3 students per session to provide an even more individualized learning experience than in our regular classroom. Based on the age appropriate attention span, these short micro session will be up to 30 minutes. Each micro session will be followed by a parents-assisted activity phase. Students will be provided with a window to reconnect with their teachers during Saturday morning hours to be able to share their independent work with their teacher for timely feedback and encouragement. Furthermore, you will be provided with a weekly video recorded reading of a picture book by one of your highly qualified early education teachers, and a weekly brownbag containing an activity, or book that will foster the learning expierence of each specific Saturday.  Last but not least, the teachers will schedule some outdoor Saturday morning classes at a location nearby to our regular school campus for a fun, save and engaging learning expierence. 

In addition to instruction by the classroom teacher, students will meet in a separate online meeting with the GSC music teacher to learn and enjoy traditional and contemporary German songs.

Our students, age approximately 6 through 11, will meet in two small groups of up to 6 students. Each groups can expect a 60 minute small group session plus a 20 minute whole class session. This set-up of shorter period but highly individualized meetings has worked best during our spring experience for this age range. In addition to their regular books, we are excited to introduce additional printed learning material, as well as the fun and engaging LÜK learning system to further enhance your child’s learning expierence. Weather-permitting, teachers will also strive for a few outdoor meetings with their entire class at a location near or at our regular campus provided that we won’t face another statewide lockdown. 

In addition to instruction by the classroom teacher, students will meet in a separate online meeting with the GSC music teacher to learn and enjoy traditional and contemporary German songs.

 Our classes for students age 12 and up, as well as our adult learners, will be meeting as a whole class, in breakout sessions for group activities, and in one-on-one sessions for the duration of their regular Saturday morning sessions. When possible, teachers will conduct outdoor meetings for the entire class.  We purchased additional literature for students to read off screen for class discussions, and we have other fun activities planned for the fall semester.

Since most of our classes are in their second year of a two year rotation, the majority of our students can expect to have the same great teacher and book that they are already familiar with from last year.

During the board meeting, it was decided to waive the schedule tuition increase for the entire school year and keep the tuition at last year’s level. Furthermore, the service fee and the volunteering opt-out donation have been waived for the fall semester for the Stamford and West Hartford campus respectively. If you should need additional tuition assistance, please inquire with our campus registrars. 

We are looking forward to seeing you at the first day of school for distribution of class materials, and a welcome back meeting with your class teacher. We are also looking forward to seeing you at one of our outdoor classes and online via zoom or facetime. If you have additional questions please feel free to reach out directly to our school administration or to your or your child’s classroom teacher from last year.

Kind regards,

Dr. Stefanie Mischner


Bärbel Röder                                                                     Dr. Eileen Wilkinson

Assistant Principal – West Hartford                          Assistant Principal – Stamford

Please help us with our planning & preparations for the fall semester and fill out this online survey for us please, thank you very much.

GSC School Community Feedback


Dr. Stefanie Mischner

President and Principal

Stamford and West Hartford


Phone:  +1 (203) 300 5373


We are always looking to grow the GSC community. If you know of families that might be interested in the school, make sure to let them know about us. As a special referral incentive, we will give a $150 credit per referred family to be applied to future year tuition payments. (contact your registrar when you referred a family!)