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Our Curriculum

The German School of Connecticut offers an exceptionally varied program of teaching and learning for all levels of German proficiency for children starting at the tender age of 18 month with a parent-and-me class, early education classes for children, school age classes including preparatory courses for the German Deutsches Sprachdiplom I and II, university qualifications that are recognized around the world, and last but not least adults classes.
In the course of our academic program, our students will be immersed in a friendly and encouraging educational environment. We place special value on a communicative language approach of speaking, reading and writing German embedded in the bigger context of intercultural understanding. This holistic approach enables our graduates to be well-prepared for the globally-networked society of knowledge that awaits them. We are proud that our alumni are studying at the best universities around the world, and with their university degrees, they are successful in many different professions.

Flummis – a fun Parent-and-Me Class

A wonderful, playful introduction to the German language for young children. Flummi classes are Parent-and-Me class, where parents, grandparents or any other significant adult caregiver sit in with their child(ren). Flummi class has play and structured circle-time that provides a fun learning environment for adult and child alike. We recognize that the earlier a child is exposed to a foreign language the better. Time Magazine states "The ability to learn a second language is highest between birth and the age of six…" 1)
1) "The ability to learn a second language is highest between birth and the age of six, then undergoes a steady and inexorable decline. Most adults still manage to learn new languages, but usually only after great struggle." J. Madeleine Nash, "Fertile Minds," TIME, 2/3/1997

Early Education Classes - Pre-School, Kindergarten and Early Reading and Writing

In all of our early education, our school emphasizes playful learning, utilizing creative projects, age a appropriate arts and crafts, songs and games. Class size is kept small to allow for individualized attention and maximum interaction. All students are exposed to age-appropriate activities in a German language environment. They develop simple listening and speaking skills in a playful and fun way. Furthermore, we believe a music program greatly aids students in vocabulary training as it introduces a fun methodology for learning difficult words and correct German pronunciation. This multifaceted pedagogical approach captivates our diverse student body, engaging different students through different teaching methods.

School Age Youth Classes – Elementary, Middle and High School Level

We offer beginner classes for all ages of young learners, as well as classes for students building on German knowledge acquired through earlier German classes, a heritage background or travel expierence to German speaking countries.
In our Elementary School classes, we are committed to helping students reach their potential in a safe, friendly and stimulating environment. Small group sizes of 16 or fewer encourage active participation. Teachers tailor material to your child’s unique strengths and needs. For that reason, we offer for the majority of our classes for students with or without prior experience with the German language. Your child will be encouraged to expand its oral and written German communication skills while creating the foundation for a live long love of learning and using German.
Our Middle School Classes will continue on building what students learned during earlier classes. We will provide students with an age apocopate but challenging curriculum. Students will have opportunities to participate in standardized exams provided by German and American organizations alike.
High school students who enrolled since early education and therefore exhibit high levels of mastery of spoken and written German as well as on German culture, history and literature will be able to take the Sprachdiplom I (A2/B1) and the Sprachdiplom II (B2/C1) examinations. These examinations satisfy the German language requirement for matriculation at a Studienkolleg (pre-university study) and at a German university, respectively.
In addition, GSC offers the new level A-1 / 2 Vergleichsarbeit (international exam), the AATG (American Association of Teachers of German) standard High School examinations, levels 1 to 4. We also prepare students to take the American German AP (Advanced Placement) test and the SAT German Subject Test.

Adult Classes

Classes are offered for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners of German. Emphasis is on mastering communication for social and business settings, expanding vocabulary knowledge and strengthen correct use of grammar. The broad offerings include adult discussion groups about current political and cultural topics, and preparatory classes for the Goethe Certificate and AATG exams. Our teachers use a combination of printed and online resources to provide a rich learning expierence, a fun and engaging class atmosphere, and a forum to learn more about culture and current trends and topics of interest.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Private and Semi-Private Lessons can be arranged by appointment