Both campuses have a library. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accept any donations of German-language materials.
Please consider donating gently used items to your public library or local thrift shops.

Location of the library

Go past the registration desk down the hallway. The library is located on the left, just before the second hallway. The Kinderecke (children’s corner) is next to the library.

Opening hours

  • The library is open on Saturday mornings on GSC school days, including during Pause.
  • Check-out hours may vary and are announced in the weekly GSC newsletter.
  • Sign up for the GSC newsletter


  • The Kinderecke is open on Saturday mornings on GSC school days.
  • Children must be accompanied by a parent/ guardian. No drop-offs.
  • Spaß in der Kinderecke! is a program with reading aloud and crafts.
  • Activities are announced in the weekly newsletter.


  • The Büchereimarkt (library marketplace) is set up in the cafeteria on Saturdays.
  • Items offered are those donated during the library’s donation drives (German language books, CDs, DVDs, and games). Proceeds go to the GSC library and the school overall.

Library Patrons

Materials may be borrowed by enrolled students of all ages/ levels, and their parents/guardians; GSC teachers and teaching assistants; and private students receiving instruction by GSC teachers.

Library Cards

  • Patrons are issued a library card with a matching key tag.
  • Cards are valid for the duration of the patron’s affiliation with GSC.
  • Library cards are issued free of charge. Lost card replacement fee is $5.

Lending Policy

  • Patrons receive automated notices two days before an item is due to be returned.
    Kindly adjust your spam settings to allow receipt of the library’s reminder email.
    This email originates from
    Subject: Courtesy Notice from the Library of the German School of Connecticut
  • Items may be borrowed for two (2) weeks and renewed once for two (2) more weeks.
  • Renewals at the library or by emailing
  • Materials may not be kept over the summer break and must be returned at the end of the school year unless special arrangements are made.
  • The library will facilitate the check-out/ return of materials in case of illness or emergency.

Returning Items

  • Two return bins: located at the front desk and at the library.
  • Materials may also be returned by mail to:
    German School of Connecticut / Library
    P.O. Box 3104
    Stamford, CT 06905

Late Fees

  • Late fees are 50 cents per item (one-time fee).
  • Late fees are canceled for library volunteers on the day of volunteering.

Lost or Damaged Library Items

  • A replacement fee is charged for lost or irreparably damaged items.
  • If a lost item is found during the same school year, the replacement fee will be reimbursed upon return of that item.

School Materials

  • Borrowed school materials remain with the student for the duration of the school year.
  • Returns of materials will be coordinated by teachers at the end of the school year.
  • School materials may not be kept over the summer break unless special arrangements are made in advance.

Patron Visits

  • Teachers regularly visit the library with their classes.
  • Students should also visit the library on their own and check out materials. It is not necessary to wait for a class visit.
  • Right before or after Pause is a perfect time to drop by the library.
  • We will gladly hold checked-out materials while you are at recess, for pick-up on your way back to class.


  • Donation drives are announced in the GSC newsletter.
    Due to space and staff limitations, we only accept donations during donation drives.
  • We welcome gently used newer items.
  • Please consider donating gently used German books, DVDs and CDs to your local library. Your donation will help build up your public library’s inventory of German-language items, in particular children’s books, which may then be checked out by other German-speaking families during those times when the GSC library is closed.


  • German learners of all ages are encouraged to check out CDs for listening in the car, e.g. while commuting or transporting children to activities. Listening to German audiobooks, stories or music is a great way to practice language skills.
  • The library welcomes donations of German-language CDs (fiction for all ages, nonfiction on any subject matter and music of any genre) for audioDeutsch.


Contact the GSC library (library manager: Sabine Schweizer)

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