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pausentisch1Classroom work is broken up by a mid-morning break for Pause. Students and parents alike can select from a wide variety of snack-type foods and drinks in exchange for a small donation benefiting the school.

For the Stamford campus, Pause is a very special part of the Saturday morning experience, in big part due to the Pausentisch. Pausentisch provides a wide variety of snacks, sandwiches and baked goods, often home-made, contributed by parents. Pausentisch "duty" rotates through the classes, with each class having responsibility once per semester. For that week, the students and their parents provide the Pausentisch contributions as well as the time needed to setup up the table, hand out the food and clean up afterwords. This shared responsibility reinforces the sense of community.

pausentisch2Overall year-round administration of the Pausentisch lies in the hand of a dedicated parent volunteer, the Pausentisch Coordinator.

On most Saturdays we also offer fresh German-style bread loaves to enjoy at home.

The Stamford Pausentisch calendar is published at the beginning of each semester.
Click here for the Pausentisch Calendar.