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St. Martin 2017

RSVP for Martinszug

As is custom in many regions of Germany and at the GSC, we will be celebrating St. Martin by crafting lanterns in the classrooms and holding a Laternenumzug (lantern parade)

We are partnering with Our Saviour Church in Fairfield for our St. Martin’s celebration. The November 10th event will start at 7:30 pm. Besides the lantern parade (in the dark and with live music!), there will be a short St. Martin pageants. We are asking all families to contribute to the refreshments being served after the parade.

We are hoping for a huge turn out as it will be a great opportunity to meet other families outside of our usual Saturday morning setting AND a great celebration of an authentic St. Martin's Day. Note that there is no GSC school session the following day Nov 11, so you will be able to sleep in.

Please RSVP here - this will only take 15 seconds and you can do it right away from your mobile device.

Our Saviour Church is located at:

160 Hill Farm Road
Fairfield, CT 06430
Our Saviour Church Directions

Younger classes will craft their lanterns on Oct 28 from 11:45am - 12:30pm. Teachers will advise if your child’s class will be participating in the lantern crafting.

We will also have a pre-school Laternenumzug in the school hallways at Parent Day on Nov 4.


Ich geh' mit meiner Laterne (sheet music, YouTube recording)

Laterne, Laterne (sheet music, YouTube recording)

St. Martin (sheet music)

Zusätzliche Links

St. Martin in der Sendung mit der Maus

If you want to craft your own lantern, here is a video with instructions:

Download Video (44MB)