The German School of Connecticut is comprised of dedicated teachers, students, and parents who meet every Saturday morning from 9:30am until 12:15pm during the school year to teach and learn German and support a variety of school activities.

Founded in 1978, the school is a Non-Profit organization. All tuition proceeds and funds are used to teach and maintain the German language and culture, and to create the most positive environment in which to do so.

In 1982, with the help of the Zentralstelle für das Auslandsschulwesen (Central Agency for German Schools Abroad), the school introduced the Sprachdiplom to the US. The very first two exams in America were given at our school – and all students passed!

Subsequently a small number of additional German Sprachschulen were allowed to administer these exams as well. Today, many more schools have joined them.

The Students

Students (PreK – 12) come from German-speaking and non-German-speaking homes from many different ethnic and linguistic backgrounds. Several of them learn German as their third or even fourth language. Adults come from all walks of life.

The Faculty

Teachers are professionally trained with German or US degrees, specializing in German language teaching and in childhood education. They are supported by a full complement of teacher aides.

Stamford Teachers
Stamford Administration
West Hartford Administration

The Administration

Parents take great interest in the school and perform most of the administrative work. They make up the Board of Directors, Board of Officers, and serve on a pro bono publico basis.

The Volunteers

Parent volunteers dedicate time to help on Saturday mornings and for the preparation of seasonal and other school activities, as needed.

West Hartford Campus
Stamford Campus

The Facilities

To better serve the German speaking communities in Connecticut and neighboring New York, the school has two campuses: West Hartford and Stamford.

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