Inclement Weather Policy/Snow Policy

We communicate school delays or closings in a timely manner. Communication occurs via email, Facebook, Twitter, and our website. Classes will take place online on snow days!

In addition, closings are posted on the following news stations:

GSC West Hartford:

NBC Connecticut WVIT – Channel 30 (

Sick Child Policy

We are committed to ensuring the health of our students, parents, and teachers.

Parents are responsible for keeping children home that are sick or a have a condition that may be contagious. This is common courtesy to the community so that others are not infected. Please use your best judgment and common sense in determining if your children should remain home.

Do not bring your child if:

  • Your child has had a fever in the past 24 hours
  • Your child has lice
  • Your child has any other potentially contagious condition
  • Your child has had diarrhea/vomiting in the past 24 hours

If the teachers have a child in class that they feel has any of the above condition, the child will be brought to the front desk and parents will be contacted for immediate pick-up.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

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