Like all non-profit schools, the German School of Connecticut depends on volunteer effort from its members to perform most of the administrative and service tasks, thereby ensuring the highest level of accountability and continuity of school operations. Reliance on member participation allows us to keep the school’s tuition as low as possible, while utilizing member expertise and experience to further GSC’s mission.

Our volunteers are the lifeblood of GSC.

Our school is a volunteer-based organization. Volunteering keeps tuition low for all of us. Without you as volunteers our school would not be operational.

Parent volunteers are an important pillar of the GSC Community. There are many ways to volunteer. Volunteering positions are divided into Saturday morning positions, which require you to be at the school on the committed dates, and “year-round” positions, which often don’t require physical presence at the school. Families participating in our volunteer program are exempt from our service fee.

The initial sign-up period for volunteer positions is during the first weeks of the semester.

If for any reason you cannot volunteer at all you can opt out. In this case, you will need to pay the service fee that was initially waived during registration.

We have three broad categories of volunteering:

  1. Saturday Morning Positions – these positions require you to be present at the school for the dates you sign up. Activities vary and are described on the sign-up page. If you opt for a Saturday Morning position, we ask that you sign up for three Saturdays per semester.
    For library volunteer positions: Keeping the library running requires knowledge of the library computer program and other library-specific details. The library would welcome for parents to sign up as often as possible during the semester so they can familiarize themselves with the library operation. No prior library experience is required. For questions, please contact Sabine Schweizer (
  2. Classroom Parents – Each class has one dedicated classroom parent, who is responsible for communication between teacher, class, and administration, as well as specific tasks throughout the school year.
  3. Year-round Positions – these positions are somewhat less structured in their time commitment. Some positions require you to be present at the school while others can be completed from home.

It is important that we have a certain number of volunteers every Saturday to properly support our children, parents, and teachers.

Volunteering descriptions can either be found before you sign up or can be reviewed in the white folder at the front desk. If you have additional questions, please email us.

Thank you for your commitment!

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